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As a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) project, Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is published under the Affero General Public License. The sourcecode can be found here accessible to everyone. We believe that individuals and companies should be able to be in full control of their own data. This means the freedom to choose where and how the data is stored, and freedom in choice of software. CalDAV/CardDAV are open protocols and thus can be used with various server and client software.

We have decided to make CalDav Synchronizer free and Open Source  because we believe in the openness of the Internet and we want to be a counterpart to all those who want to force people to store their private data in "the cloud" (say: other people's computers), using proprietary standards. All of your address books, calendars and task lists can be stored by you and you don't need to worry about someone spying or selling your private and sensitive data.

How to support our Software

Of course Outlook CalDav Synchronizer isn't easy to develop and our small team is working hard to make it into an awesome program.
We need your support bring this project forward.


You can support the project by donating  directly through PayPal. We will add an option to donate with Bitcoins soon.

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You can also join us on Github and add new features or fix bugs to improve CalDav Synchronizer for everyone.

Thank you!