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  • Released 2023/04/06
  • Bug fixes
    • fix regression bug gh #388, recurring events and tasks with COUNT!=0, sourceforge 1770.


  • Released 2023/03/21
  • New features
    • Implement PKCE for Swisscom Oauth2 requests.
    • Update NuGet packages.
    • Update logo.
    • Optimize vCardStandardReader/Writer and use LINQ.
    • Implement a new RemoveInvalidXmlCharacterStreamReader for option Accept invalid chars in server response.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix typo and add translation for Close profile window dialog.
    • ignore empty photo URI, sourceforge ticket 1822.
    • Enable force basic authentication as default for new profiles, with CredentialCache there are issues with accentuated characters in passwords, issue 1774, gh issue #363.
    • Don't serialize password and salt for profiles where UseAccountPassword is enabled, gh issue #364.
    • Don't serialize ProxyPassword when DefaultProxy is enabled.
    • Catch possible exceptions in accessing MAPI folder when getting ItemCount, should fix profile load if folders are not accessible, gh issue #310,#381.
    • Explicitely set NoEndDate to true for recurring events and tasks, gh issue #334.
    • Remove invalid xml chars from appointment, task and vcard encoded strings.


  • Released 2022/07/05
  • Security Fixes
    • Update NuGet packages. (fixes security vulnerability in Newtonsoft.Json).
  • New features
    • Add Simplified Chinese (中国) [zh-CN] translation. Credits to Liu Yihua (yihuajack)
    • Add untermStrich profile type.
  • Bug fixes
    • Hide PasswordBox when UsaAccountPassword is enabled to improve profile creation ServerSettings dialog.
    • Fix typos in fr-FR translation.
    • Fix WebDavSync setting in profile selection after folder change.


  • Released 2022/03/02
  • Security fixes
    • Update NuGet package for log4net, CVE-2018-1285, gh issue #343.
  • Bug fixes
    • fix handling close of OptionsWindow.
    • reset all telephone numbers not only main ones, gh issue #342.
    • Validate Swisscom profile and check if contact folder is selected.
    • Default to CardDAV for Google bulk profile since native API changed and needs to be updated.
    • Fix autodiscovery and ignore 400 error when querying Google CardDAV adress book resource.
  • Known Issues
    • Google Contact API changed and therefore is not supported anymore, please use CardDAV instead of Google native API meanwhile.


  • Released 2021/05/12
  • New features
    • New Addressbook Profile handling for Profile Type Swisscom.
    • Use Google oauth library for authentication in Swisscom profile.
    • Update Google NuGet libraries.
  • Bug fixes
    • Set CurrentUICulture in CompontentContainer startup to avoid issues where Localization didn't work in some dialogs, e.g. github issue #241.
    • Improve naive string handling in vcard parser library, fixed performance issues when syncing large pictures, github issue #299.


  • Released 2020/11/30
  • WARNING: This release is a major upgrade and needs .NET framework 4.8 as minimal requirement. Automatic upgrade won't work if you still have only .NET framework 4.6.1 installed. Install and upgrade manually in that case!
  • New features
    • Support for .NET framework 4.8
    • Support for TLS 1.3
    • Update Google Task API
    • Update NuGet libraries
    • Add Fuago contact for Ooutlook Sync for OX, contact
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix sync for empty task lists and check also for hidden tasks (needed for completed tasks), fixes ticket 1377 and gh issue #280
    • Fix PostBuildEvent to sign also setup.exe
    • Remove Microsoft.Bcl.Build reference
    • Migrate to package references and VS 2019


  • Released 2020/06/30
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix "install new version" button width for non english locales.
    • Fix assembly info version for OAuth.Swisscom project and link to CalDavSynchronizer files.


  • Released 2020/06/24
  • Bug fixes
    • HOTFIX: Suppress javascript errors during swisscom oauth.



  • Released 2020/04/09
  • New features
    • Support also external members with email and CN in iCloud groups for DistributionList mapping.
  • Bug fixes
    • Update Google API and other NuGet packages.
    • Use Utc for aVersion LastModification timestamps in cache to avoid full resync when Windows timezone changes, ticket 1266.
    • Update code signing certificate.


  • Released 2019/11/14
  • New features
    • Add support for resources with urn:uuid values and EMAIL property in attendees.
    • Add principal-property-search report to find resource id from displayname.
    • Add support for X-KIND and X-MEMBER in vCard for contact groups, ticket 1267.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix mapping of completed tasks if PercentComplete is not set. Tickets 1211 and 1273.
    • Fix import profile windows title, ticket 1235.


  • Released 2019/06/26
  • Bug fixes
    • Manually set authorization header if forceBasicAuthentication is checked to fix issues with some server configs which fail with 401 otherwise.
    • Update WebResourcUrls to https.
    • Update AboutForm layout and LicenseInfo text.
    • Fix global options for Integration test.


  • Released 2019/04/23
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix Google Contacts sync due to changed native API.
    • Update Google API NuGet packages.
    • Adapt Google Integration Tests.


  • Released 2019/04/10
  • New features
    • Add mapping for Outlook contacts AssistantName, Spouse and ManagerName to vCard X-ASSISTANT, X-SPOUSE and X-MANAGER.
    • Update profile logo.
    • Update NuGet packages.
  • Bug fixes
    • Take existing color from existing category instead of Dictionary to prevent a KeyNotFoundException, gh issue 251.
    • Reduce Options Window height to improve display for smaller screen sizes.


  • Released 2019/02/26
  • New features
    • Add profile type for EGroupware.
    • Add profile type for FastMail.
    • Map formatted description from Google calendar.
    • Execute server access for Contact sync in Background.
    • Remove general option 'Fix invalid settings'.
  • Bug fixes
    • Improve GetOwner and check also for organizer property if owner property not found (Workaround for OpenX-change).
    • Improve SOGo profile and add VLIST distribution list mapping to default profile settings.
    • Improve bulk profile creation and set correct synchronization mode and update server email and scheduling settings.
    • Use same value type and tzid for RECURRENCE-ID as for DTSTART to be compliant with RFC 5545.
    • Fix generation of originalOutlookDatesWithExceptions. Always use target timezone.


  • New features
    • Add calendar-proxy support for autodiscovery (calendar-proxy-read-for, calendar-proxy-write-for), feature request 103.
    • Show access rights in autodiscovery resource selection.
    • Add option to set organizer on behalf of server identity.
    • Add discovery of server email address and set act on behalf of server identity as default for shared writable calendars.
    • Improve tooltips in SelectResourceForm and show resource URI and color values as tooltip.
    • Update Swisscom profile setup.
    • Add contact mapping configuration option to map anniversary dates for contacts. Supports ANNIVERSARY, X-ANNIVERSARY and X-MS-ANNIVERSARY properties and writes ANNIVERSARY.
    • Add option to map task reminders as absolute DATE-TIME value, needed for IOS, feature request 105.
    • Add Brazilian portuguese translations. Thanks to Flávio Zarur Lucarelli!
  • Bug fixes
    • Ignore empty PHOTO properties in vCards.
    • Fall back to short-term ENTRYID if long-term is not available in QueryOutlookFolderByGetTableStrategy to avoid ArgumentException in row.BinaryToString().
    • Log errors during entity deletion.
    • Fix GetCurrentUserPrincipalUrl. Select only href node.
    • Fix task reminders relative to DUE date.
    • Fix UI typos and translations.


  • Released 2018/12/09
  • New features
    • Add Open-Xchange profile type.
    • Add iCloud Calendar profile type.
  • Bug fixes
    • Ignore alarms with ACTION different to DISPLAY to not sync email alarms as Outlook reminders, ticket 978.
    • Force organizer of exception to be the same as event organizer to avoid SameOrganizerForAllComponentsException. Github issues 240,244.
    • Move using block inside try/catch in Create to avoid issues with SaveAndReload of new empty AppointmentItems.
    • Improve deserialization of SOGo VLISTs.
    • Limit CalDav-resourcenames to 255 chars.


  • Released 2018/09/11
  • Bug fixes
    • Set Default BusyStatus to Free for AllDay events without TRANSP set, ticket 951.
    • Set WebResourceName comparison to case sensitive, avoid problems with DavMail URIs.
    • Fix Unit Tests.
    • Improve Integration Tests.
    • Check Internet connection async to avoid blocking in case of DNS issues, ticket 968.


  • Released 2018/05/17
  • New features
    • Add French and Italian translations.
    • Update NuGet packages.
  • Bug fixes
    • Remove duplicate categories (Ticket 881).
    • Catch not only COMExceptions in OutlookUtility functions, gh issue #229.
    • Fix typo in german translation.


  • Released 2018/05/02
  • Bug fixes
    • Remove Email from Recipient CN. Should avoid attendees with Name (Email) .
    • Escape Backslash, DDay.iCal workaround. ticket 810, gh issue #226.


  • Released 2018/03/25
  • New features
    • Map tentative to TRANSP:OPAQUE instead of TRANSPARENT, feature request 94.
    • Add event mapping configuration to map Outlook public events to default visibility instead of public, feature request 98. Set this option as default for google profiles.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix translation for OL2007 toolbar, ticket 821.
    • Update some Russian and German translations.
    • Fix integration tests.
    • Fix selection of reports in Listview.
    • Fix report name parsing for large sequence numbers.
    • Ticket 842: read all pages from google task service.
    • Retry without sync-token if sync-token is invalid.
    • Fix mapping of weekday recurrence rule with FREQ=DAILY;BYDAY=MO,TU,WE,TH,FR ticket 847.


  • Released 2018/02/10
  • WARNING: This release is a major upgrade and needs .NET framework 4.6.1 as minimal requirement. Automatic upgrade won't work if you still have only .NET framework 4.5 installed. Install and upgrade manually in that case!

  • New features
    • Use .NET framework 4.6.1.
    • Added localization support.
    • Added German and Russian translations (more to come and help wanted, contact us!)
    • Added general option to switch UI language (needs restart of Outlook to take effect).
    • UI redesign for general options with WPF TabControl.
    • Improve accessibility by adding keytips to ribbon.
    • Added ProfileType for Swisscom.
    • Update of Google API and other NuGet packages.
    • Sort sync reports.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed many typos.
    • Fixed some UI inconsistencies and content fit to screen issues.
    • Improve logging.
    • Improve Profile Status.
    • Improve IntegrationTests.


  • Released 2017/12/23
  • New features
    • Add Kolab profile, credits to Achim Leitner.
    • Improve default Button behavior.
    • Add mapping of Outlook OfficeLocation to work ExtendedAddress attribute.
    • Refactoring and Restructuring of ProfileTypes.
  • Bug fixes
    • Unescape also COLON in vCardStandardReader do avoid problems with some servers wrongly encoding vCard NOTES, ticket 741.
    • Disable "Map Organizer and Attendees" for Google by default.
    • Cache sync run results, so that TransientProfileStatusesViewModel is not empty when opened, gh issue #217.
    • Fix handling of vCard ORG property for mapping of organization and department to Outlook CompanyName and Department properties.
    • Fix exception when reconstructing master event, ticket 777.
    • Improve Logging.
    • Fix Integration tests.


  • Released 2017/11/15
  • New features
    • New Logo and Application Icon, thanks to Michael C. Krieter!
    • Add support for absolute alarms and alarms relative to the end and map them to Outlook reminders if the alarm is before the appointment start (otherwhise not supported in Outlook), feature request 82.
  • Bug fixes
    • Improve Color and ShortcutKey mapping.
    • Disable IsCategoryFilterSticky also for Events by default.
    • Improve profile separation.
    • Create Outlook items with default ItemType of the folder if includeCustomMessageClasses is enabled, feature request 80.
    • Improve IntegrationTests.
    • Set PercentCompleted after setting the task status in TaskMapper to avoid that the value gets lost if status in not in progress.


  • Released 2017/10/07
  • New features
    • Add optional WebDAV Collection Sync (RFC 6578) for calendar and addressbook collections, which speeds up the detection of server changes dramatically but excludes the possibility to use the time range filter.
    • Improve EventColor-Category mapping and use existing categories if color matches.
  • Bug fixes
    • Use official certificate for click once code signing.
    • Prevent InvalidCastExceptions in QueryOutlookFolderByGetTableStrategy.
    • Do not keep the Status window alive if it is invisible.
    • Disable IsCategoryFilterSticky by default and add warnings for wrong category filter uses.
    • Do not switch categories automatically, when changing Category filter.
    • Catch not only COMExceptions when responding to meeting invites, ticket 721.


  • Released 2017/09/12
  • New features
    • Add support for RFC7986 per-event color handling, mapping of Outlook category color to COLOR attribute, feature request 76.
    • Add ProfileType for
    • Add ProfileType for iCloud contacts.
    • Add support for mapping Distribution Lists to iCloud contact groups.
    • Use Credentials and Proxy from profile for Weblclient to download photo URL, fixes syncing of contact photos for iCloud and others, feature request 71.
    • Add general option to a) Log all entity synchroniaztion reports and b) to include entity names in entity synchronization reports.
  • Bug fixes
    • Avoid ArgumentNullException in Nodatime timezone conversions, ticket 674,677
    • Ignore redundant entities in GetTransformedEntities.
    • Fix invalid DTSTART in VTIMEZONE, gh issue #210.
    • Some code cleanup and refactoring.


  • New features
    • Add ProfileType for SmarterMail.
    • Update REV property for vcards, gh issue #204.
    • Update NuGet packages for Google API to 1.28.0 and NodaTime to 2.2.0.
  • Bug fixes
    • Avoid IndexOutOfRangeException when parsing IMAddress, ticket #652.


  • Released 2017/07/12
  • Bug fixes
    • Make Outlook-TimeZone-Ids case insensitive and prevent ArgumentException, tickets #640,#649.
    • Delete leftover entities, if creation in outlook fails.
    • Avoid InvalidOperationException in vCardStandardReader for unknown IM ServiceTypes, ticket #645.
    • Enable chunked synchronization be default.


  • Bug fixes
    • Fix InitialMatching for GoogleContacts and GoogleTasks if there are more new OutlookItems than ChunkSize and avoid InvalidOperationException (Cannot access a disposed object!), ticket 632.
    • Fix 611 CALDAV hangs Outlook , 613 CalDav locking up Outlook, remove DoEvents call in sync progress bar.


  • New features
    • Add contact mapping configuration to choose default IM protocol when writing IM addresses, ticket 543.
    • Add contact mapping configuration to write IM addresses as IMPP attribute instead of X-PROTOCOL e.g. X-AIM, ticket 543.
    • Add SIP IMServiceType and support X-SIP in vCardStandardReader.
    • Add sync profile for
    • Improve EntityMatching for very large Calendars (>5000 Entries), by using EventServerEntityMatchData instead of iCalendar for matching.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix google Oauth2 authentication "Access denied" error on Windows7/8.1 without admin privileges.
    • Improve Logging.



  • New features
    • Update NodaTime to version 2 to improve timezone calculations.
    • Update Google APIs NuGet packages.
  • Bug fixes
    • Don't enable chunked synchronization by default.


  • New features
    • Full support for chunked synchronization
  • Bug fixes
    • Avoid Nullreference exception when TYPE is empty in X-SOCIALPROFILE property in vCardStandardReader, ticket #599.
    • Make mapping of Outlook EmailAddress1 configurable (if it should be mapped to HOME or WORK), gh ticket 193.
    • Fix reading vcard KEY attribute if encoding is not set explicitely to base64, gh issue 195.